NP Optimism

Looking at the Positive Psychology/Positivity of nerd culture

     In the world today there’s  an extensive amount of negativity: from unnecessary violence, to arguing with each other instead of trying to understand different points of view.

     Nerd Positive was created primarily to provide more positivity in our constantly negative modern world by looking at the positive values & psychology of various nerdy media (Movies, TV, Video Games, etc.), and how we can learn to be better people ourselves and to each other through these mediums. Nerd Positive also has plenty of other content you can enjoy, such as Top 10 lists, Impressions, Reviews, News Updates, and a handful of other articles about nerdy media.

About the Author: My name is Erroll Maas, and I’m pursuing a career in writing for Games & Entertainment Media. I hope that you enjoy my writing on various nerdy things.

Contact info: errollmaas@gmail.com


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