Thoughts on Power Rangers (2017)

I’ve had a few days to think it over, and here are my informal thoughts on the new Power Rangers reboot.

(WARNING: Contains Spoilers)

Let’s start from the beginning, giving Zordon and Rita an actual backstory was a smart move. Making Rita the former green ranger was a great way to create a reason for why she had the green power coin in her possession. Making Zordon the former red ranger seemed a little weird, but it ended up making him a flawed and more interesting character. Bryan Cranston was fine as Zordon, but he could’ve done better. Something about him as Zordon just felt off.

Bill Hader as Alpha actually worked well. He became much less annoying than the original version and instead became an entertaining and modern comic relief character.

Elizabeth Banks was pretty entertaining as Rita. She really hammed it up, but also could be pretty creepy at times. Still not the biggest fan of this casting choice, but it worked out well enough.

I enjoyed all of the main five characters. They all try to be decent people, but they struggle because they don’t feel accepted, and I could identify with that since I felt that way in high school. Out of the five rangers, Jason, the red ranger (Dacre Montgomery), and Zack, the black ranger (Ludi Lin), stood out the most for me.

Jason was the star quarterback for the Angel Grove High School football team, but got in trouble when he was pulling a prank with a friend stealing the rival team’s mascot. Later it’s also revealed that Jason has anger issues, which I also had to deal with as a teenager, and still have dealt with more recently, although not nearly as much. I could really sympathize with Jason because parts of his character were who I wanted to be in high school, while other parts were more similar to who I was.

Zack is a fun loving guy, but has a hard time at school because he has a sick mom he  wants to focus on taking care of. I really identified with him due to more recent personal issues, and during the campfire scene his words explained pretty much exactly how I felt about the situation.

Most of the new designs were easy to get used to once they were on screen. Alpha and Rita turned out fine, and while the design of Goldar and the Megazord aren’t great, they don’t completely ruin the movie either. The suits were okay and in the end it doesn’t matter because if Lionsgate still wants to stay true to Power Rangers spirit, the suits (and zords) will change in at least one of the sequels, if they happen.

The Krispy Kreme product placement isn’t nearly as bad as some people claim . If it had been “Ernie’s Donut Shop,” ( a reference to “Ernie’s Juice Bar” from the show) people probably wouldn’t have been so upset about it, so it’s kind of hypocritical. People are also really exaggerating how long Rita is eating a donut. It’s just a quick shot, rather than the solid minute some people are exaggerating it to be.

All together, the movie was like an extended theatrical version of the first episode of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Which could be seen as good or bad depending on perspective. For some, the pacing in the third act might take them out of the movie, but for others it might make them enjoy it more. The zords ran in unison while the theme from the 1995 movie played, which gave a nostalgia kick and made it feel almost just like an actual episode. The fight scenes in the third act could’ve been a bit longer, as they went by a little too fast, but hopefully we’ll get sequels with better, longer fight scenes, or maybe even the release of an extended version of the movie.

After the tease of Tommy, the new green ranger, I would’ve also liked a second mid credits scene teasing more upcoming events such as Lord Zedd and the thunderzords. Of course, that would depend on if they planned on having these things in the movie universe at all.

If you want to go see Power Rangers in theaters to support it, then go ahead, it’s a fun time. If not, you should definitely give it a chance once it comes to DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital Download. This movie franchise has a lot of potential, so people should support it if they can.

I’ll probably make a video and/or article about positivity and Power Rangers at some point in the future.


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