Players Promoting Positivity: Katie Wilson

In this first edition of Players Promoting Positivity, we talk about actress and YouTube personality, Katie Wilson.

(Note: This article centers on Katie because she talks about video games a bit more often than her fellow YouTube personality, friend, and co-host Andre Meadows , who focuses more on movies, TV shows, and retro stuff, but it just felt wrong not to include him)

I first learned about Katie Wilson from Andre “Black Nerd” Meadows, who I in turn learned about from his movie review of The Smurfs he did with the Nostalgia Critic, Doug Walker. Since I already enjoyed the content made by the other two, I thought I might as well give her a chance as well. Katie is a talented actress & singer who brings her bright and optimistic personality into everything she does, and this positivity seems to resonate with her fan base as well


According to IMDb, Katie has been an actor and singer in Los Angeles since 2008, the same year she started her YouTube channel, and has had roles in many smaller movies and TV shows,  having performed in live theatrical productions previously. Katie has also appeared as a host for a number of smaller talk shows. As these things are for a number of internet personalities, it can be difficult to find an abundance of information on Katie herself without watching hours of the videos she has uploaded or has been featured in on other channels over the past nine years.


Katie does many YouTube videos with her best friend and fellow YouTuber, Andre Meadows, whose channel, Blacknerdcomedy, I also highly recommend. In 2013, Katie & Andre started their own gaming channel, Sword & Shell, which they no longer upload to, but most of the video game related content featuring both of them has since moved to Katie’s channel. More recently, they’ve each been creating and uploading a handful of videos featuring them playing the new Nintendo Switch.


In 2016 Katie and Andre got their own ongoing talk show, available on the Fullscreen app, called Kingdom Geek, where they interview and have fun with numerous TV stars (you can see a few brief clips here). In the summer of the same year, Katie and Andre were hosts for the Syfy Presents Live From Comic Con Aftershow, which aired for a few evenings during the convention discussing various new movie & TV announcements, and events from earlier in the day.


From Legend of Zelda to Overwatch to Game of Thrones to Pokémon, Katie always seems to be genuinely excited to talk about newly released or upcoming media content and is always happy to answer questions from fans. Additionally, in some of her videos you can see she really enjoys meeting them as well, but the positivity of Katie and her fans doesn’t end there.

I rarely look at things like YouTube comments these days, but for research as well as out of curiosity I looked at some of the comment sections of Katie’s more recent videos. I was surprised to find that a large majority of these comments were positive, asking her other questions or further discussing certain things she said in those videos. It’s likely that many of these commenters are also fans and enjoy what Katie does. It’s refreshing to see that when people do things like Katie does, have an air of positivity to them, and don’t have an overwhelmingly massive following, the result seems to be that the positivity is able to reach the viewers and helps to create a beneficial connection.

Katie Wilson is a talented YouTuber and internet personality who could always use more views and the charm of her optimistic outlook seems to be what keeps bringing people back for more. The majority of her videos also seem to be kid friendly for the most part, so that’s just an added bonus.


NP Optimism

Do you know of someone who should be featured as a Player Promoting Positivity? Let me know in the comments, and as always, don’t forget to like & follow!


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