Ways to Help Make Your Day #NerdPositive- Feb. 24th, 2017

We have a few pretty cool releases this week, while next week is going to be completely insane with everything coming out.

New Games To Play


Y’s Origin (PS4)

If you’ve never had the chance to play a proper Y’s game and own a PlayStation 4, now is your chance. The best explanation I can give is if you can imagine Legend of Zelda, mixed with some Dark Souls, and a bit of bullet hell. If it piques your interest, definitely check it out. There should be a review coming up at some point.


Night in The Woods (Ps4,PC)

This is a lesser known indie adventure game is about a cat named Mae who just dropped out of college and has traveled back to her hometown, but finds it a bit stranger than we she left. If you like narrative focused games, or just want to get into more indie games, Night in The Woods might be worth checking out.


Berserk and the Band of the Hawk

The latest anime/manga to be adapted into a Musou (Dynasty Warriors) game. A bit slower than it’s predecessors, although combat in the Berserk series was never known for its’ speed. It may not be the Berserk game a lot of fans want, but it’s cool to see another game based on the series after 17 years without one (or 13 if you live in Japan).

Also PSN is having some decent sales including (but not limited to) a critics’ choice sale, an EA sale, and discounts on a couple of the older Persona games.

New Stuff to Watch



Gantz 0

This was actually released last week, but was not on a lot of people’s radars until recently. Gantz 0 is a CGI anime film based on the Gantz manga and anime series about people fighting against invading monsters. It goes a bit deeper than that but it seems a bit confusing. It might just be worth it to give it a look just out of curiosity.


Amazon Prime Video Has Some Good Stuff

If you use Amazon Prime for online shopping, remember you have access to plenty of shows and movies as well at no additional cost, including: Batman The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Avatar The Last Airbender & The Legend of Korra,  older HBO shows like Flight of the Concords, Tenacious D, & Curb Your Enthusiasm, and movies like Gremlins, Indiana Jones, and the surprisingly funny Dirty Grandpa, among others. Amazon also has some original content many seem to enjoy.

That’s all for this week. Next week expect a plethora of brand new entertainment!



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