Ways to Make Your Day More Nerd Positive: Feb.10th, 2017

Back after accidentally skipping a week, here is some various nerdy media to help improve your weekend!

New Movies & Shows to Watch


The Lego Batman Movie

Will Arnett is back as the caped crusader in this Lego Movie spin off. So far this movie has seen mostly positive reception. It seems that Warner Bros. has found quite of lot of success with their animation department and the Lego series of movies.



The new TV Show based on the X-Men character of the same name. Legion is about a mutant who believes his powers are a psychological disorder. Curiously enough, the show does not take place in any X-Men Cinematic Universe, but an original one. The show airs on FX on Wednesday nights (Check your local listings) and you can now watch the intriguing first episode on the network’s site or through other On Demand services.

New Games to Play


Nioh (PS4)

The difficult yet well designed PS4 exclusive heavily influenced by Japanese mythology, was finally released after several playable demos. It’s one of the most popular games being talked about across the internet right now, and it’s sure to become another PS4 exclusive hit if  it continues as a series.


Fire Emblem Heroes (Android, iOS)

Nintendo released a new mobile game based on one of its other popular series. It seems to be a watered down mobile version of the main series, but it seems to be getting well enough reception for what it is.

Last Week’s Notable Games


Digimon World Next Order (PS4)

This game came out last week but definitely still deserves attention. The first true Digimon World game to be released in the west since Digimon World 3 for the PlayStation in 200? (Digimon World 4 deviated from the usual formula while Digimon World: Dawn & Dusk are actually part of the Digimon Story series). This game sees the player raising two digimon at a time rather than just one. It isn’t getting the best reviews, but fans of the series seem to like it well enough.

NP Optimism

Ways to Make Your Day More Nerd Positive is posted (usually) every Friday to provide a list of nerdy entertainment (Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, etc.) released that week to inform and help improve the weekends of those who seek it.


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