Voltron Legendary Defender Season 2 Brief Review: Getting Better, But Not Quite There Yet

The second season of the Netflix animated series dropped last Friday, and it’s been an improvement from the first season overall. However, it’s flaws still show that it could be better.

Despite having improved since it began, the second season of Voltron: Legendary Defender has a couple of noticeable flaws. How big of flaws they are is up to the individual viewer, but these were my problems with this otherwise entertaining second season.


Important, But Not Too Important

My first gripe with this second season is that many different topics were glanced upon but not fully observed. From little fuzzy aliens that may have been more important than they seem, to rushing character development in one episode and lacking depth. I get that maybe it’s all leading up to revelations in future seasons, but some subjects they glanced over so quickly there was not really enough time given to think about what they might actually mean. These are some of the questions that came up: Are the little fuzzy aliens more significant, and are they related to Alteans in some way? Who exactly was Keith’s mother? Why was Zarkon once a paladin, and what turned him evil if he wasn’t before? What’s stopping Haggar from being the villain in control, when she seems to be much more competent than Zarkon? Why did she decide to contact Prince Lotor rather than taking over herself? Maybe these questions will be answered in season 3, I hope they are but for now i won’t expect them to be.


Fight Scenes Make or Break

The fight scenes in the second season weren’t bad, but most of the time I felt they were definitely lacking. With a lot of the same team from The Legend of Korra, I would have expected better fight scenes throughout, with the exception of a few.

My favorite, and I think the best fight scene in Voltron: Legendary Defender by far, is  between Shiro and Zarkon in another realm. Other than a giant robot or spaceships, it was  hand to hand combat, something that the team who makes this series has always excelled at. They’ve had hand to hand combat in this series before, but this one felt so much more packed with adrenaline. For me, this scene was one of the most entertaining parts of the season.

The final fight between Voltron and Giant Robot Armor enhanced Zarkon was also a treat to watch. Most fights with Voltron I felt were either predictable or a little too slow, but for this finale they made sure not to hold back. There was also a part where Princess Alura went head to head against Haggar, which I didn’t expect at all.  Other than these few well done fight scenes, many of the fights fell flat.


I give Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 2 a  7/10, as it clearly shows it’s improving, and still provides great entertainment and humor, but it’s not to the point where it should or could be. Hopefully season 3 will be the best one yet.



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