Nintendo Switch: Good Games, Weak Launch, Bad Presentation

After a couple months of waiting, we finally got to learn more details about Nintendo’s new handheld/home console hybrid, and it’s still looking to be a decent console despite the less than stellar presentation and a weak launch line up. There was too much focus on the controllers, and not enough on the games. I can understand why, since many were confused about what the Wii U was, but it doesn’t help to constantly repeat information to potential consumers like they’re toddlers. Here’s a breakdown:

Price & Date

$299.99 USD on March 3rd, price is around what was expected, not quite $249.99, but it could drop to that price later on, hopefully sooner than later. The release date is a bit earlier than expected, and I expect it to be like the Nintendo 3DS rather than the Wii U, where it doesn’t have the best launch, but over time as more games are announced and released and (hopefully) the price drops, Nintendo will see an increase in sales. This console is a Nintendo handheld after all, and I’m always of the mind that Nintendo is hiding a lot of important things, both good and bad. Not having a pack-in game at launch is an odd choice though.

Console Details

There’s a weird online service with smart device integration coming in the Fall, but that’s still a bit confusing so I’ll spare you the details. Hopefully they’ll decide to change some things about it and make it less confusing by the time the console gets it.

No region lock: This is great, titles from Japan and Europe, such as Inazuma Eleven, which we rarely get in the U.S., will be playable on any Nintendo Switch console. If a Japanese release is before a western release, players can import the game without having a system from that region.

2.5 – 6.5 hours battery life, probably depending on game: Not the best but also not the worst. While playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, seems to be about three hours. I expect this to improve over time, especially if they sell a new, slighly more powerful iteration later on,

Three hours to fully charge: This is fine, nothing outstanding or awful about it.

Local Multiplayer up to 8 people: That’s great. Might be hard to find that many people with a Nintendo Switch in one room, but still good to know.

Will be able to record and share footage in the future: Just like all other modern consoles. Some people have brought up a good point though, Nintendo is notorious for flagging videos with footage of their games, so I wonder if they’ll start to be more lenient once the function is available. I guess we’ll see.

HD Rumble: A new kind of vibration function that’s a bit more detailed than previous vibration functions. Certain parts of the joycon controller can vibrate seperately, in addition to the whole controller.

Controllers can function several different ways, as shown previously, and also have a motion control function. This hopefully means more Wii virtual console games or HD remasters in the future.

Upcoming Exclusive Games 

There are some titles such as 1,2 Switch and ARMs, which highlight the different functions of the Joycon controllers, but those seemed to be the Wii Sports for this console, despite not being pack-in games. There was also nothing said about the virtual console, so that was another weird decision. Here are some recently announced Nintendo Switch exclusive games I’m excited for. Summaries of those confirmed for 2017 will be in my Most Anticipated Games of 2017 lists

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Launch Title, 2017)

Snipperclips (Launch Title, 2017)

Super Mario Odyssey (Holiday 2017)

XenoBlade 2 (Supposedly 2017)

Upcoming Shin Mengami Tensei Game

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (April 28th, 2017)

Ultra Street Fighter 2 (TBA 2017)

Untitled No More Heroes game

I hope the Nintendo Switch has more great games announced, as it seems it will definitely need them if it wants to surpass it’s predecessor. Only time will tell.

Am I missing any info or is any of it wrong? Let me know in the comments, I’d appreciate any new info or feedback!


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