Gravity Rush 2 Demo Impressions

The free demo for the long awaited Gravity Rush 2 is available on the PlayStation Store, and despite a few problems, it’s still looking to be a great game overall.

This demo has two modes, the first for new players to help them get accustomed to the gravity shifting controls, and the second for more experienced players, which introduces Kat’s two new combat styles. The first mode should also be recommended to anyone who hasn’t played Gravity Rush Remastered for awhile, as it takes a little time to readjust to the controls of gravity shifting again.

GRAVITY RUSH™ 2 DEMO_20170107163400.jpg

The second mode, introduces the new Lunar and Jupiter styles of combat. The styles are switched by using the touchpad, flicking up for Lunar style, down for Jupiter, and tapping to return to regular. The way  Gravity Rush 2 integrates the touchpad is a clever way to help simulate the feeling of switching between being in lighter or heavier gravity. It’s the one time where the touch function of the touchpad feels useful. The Lunar style makes Kat light on her feet and allows her to attack faster and chain attacks. The Jupiter style, however, makes her slower, but gives her attacks a greater area and impact, after being charged. Using Lunar style to walk and jump is also a fun alternative to regular gravity shifting, being easier to control, though it’s not always obvious just how high Kat will jump .

The buoyancy of the blue Lunar style & the impact left by the orange Jupiter style

Despite being an exceptional preview, something about the controls feels off. The camera feels inverted at times and the aiming in the demo seems loose, making it difficult to target some enemies. When the entirety of a game is floating around in gravity, being able to aim correctly is of utmost importance. It has been said that this demo was similar to those seen at E3 2016 in June, and Tokyo Game Show 2016 in September, and that there has still been considerable improvement since then, so fingers crossed aiming and camera controls are improved in the full game. Anyone who is anticipating Gravity Rush 2 and just can’t wait anymore should give this demo a try.

Gravity Rush 2 will be physically & digitally released for PlayStation 4 on January 20th


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