Final Fantasy XV: New Legacies & The Positive Impact of Video Games/Nerdy Media

     Some time before release of the game itself, a brand new video advertisement for Final Fantasy XV was released to YouTube, a teaser for New Legacies, which consists of Square Enix  asking fans about how Final Fantasy, and even  video games in general have positively impacted their lives. On November 10th, the full 6 minute video was released, with an extended version released later on November 18th.

Some of the stories told include but are not limited to:

  • Being able to have hope for a better life when living in a violent neighborhood or dealing with bullies.
  • Being able to have positive social interactions with others when being a shy and socially awkward person.
  • Video games inspiring people and helping them reach success in life.
  • Family and friends bonding with each other through video games.
  • Finding a significant other from both being big fans of the same game.
  • How Final Fantasy helped change the perspective of what stories are to gamers.
  • Being able to relate to specific characters.

and more…

It’s amazing to see how all these people from all different walks of life have been positively impacted by the Final Fantasy franchise and just by video games in general. Similar to the Pokémon 20th Anniversary commercial that I talked about in an earlier article, this helps show why not only video games, but also why other certain pieces of media (Movies, TV Shows, Comic Books etc.) are so important to so many people, and why they need to continue being made. The hope and inspiration they create withing so many people is nearly incomparable. More advertisements should strive to be like this, show the positivity that they have created through their franchises and characters. It helps provide those who may not be fans a much better understanding of why so many people are.

  • Below are the Teaser, Video (6:37), & Extended Cut (12:39) of Final Fantasy XV: New Legacies


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