November is Mon Month!

Mon, what does it mean? According to TV Tropes:

A Mon is a creature, generally magically or mystically summoned, which fights on behalf of its summoner. This allows characters to fight each other without actually fighting themselves. Instead, they conjure an avatar—perhaps a beast or a machine—that fights for them. Sometimes, only one side will have Mons, so the other side will have the characters directly fighting the Mons. Wild Mons—those uncontrolled by anyone—are also known to appear. Mon range up and down the scale in terms of intelligence, power, and appearance. Some are almost mindless, while some are far, far smarter than their so-called “masters.” Likewise, whether they’re servants, partners, or just another race depends on the series.

    To me, it’s also a suffix typically used as an abbreviation short for monsters, such as Pocket Monsters, or Digital Monsters. In the late 90’s, Pokemon not only became one of the most successful game series in history and spawned a cultural craze, but also led to other similar games and franchises, many of which are able to stand on their own, instead of just being blatant ripoffs. I call this genre, Monster Collecting , and to celebrate all of the awesome monster collecting games that have already come out this year (about 3 that I know of), as well as the upcoming Pokemon Sun & Moon games and the franchise’s 20th anniversary, this November marks the first ever Mon Month!  A month dedicated to all the mon video games, anime, & card games that we know, love, or fondly remember (R.I.P. Monster Rancher), and even some you may not have heard of.

Here’s an example of stuff that you may see articles & videos about this month:


Pokemon (of course)

World of Final Fantasy

Yo-Kai Watch

And possibly more, so stay tuned!


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